Our hostel introduction

Funtoco Backpackers Namba

Hello, we have re-started our blog today!

Let me introduce about our hostel ”Funtoco Backpackers Namba”

We opened our hostel in Dec 2016.

It was one of our dreams to have our own hostel.

It took half year to renovated the building itself and made bunk beds, table…etc

” Funtoco ” has the meaning of   ”Fun” and ”toco” means place and place to sleep in Japanese.

So the idea of our hostel is to make a fun place in Osaka.

It’s been 4 years since we opened our place and hopefully we are achieving our ideal a bit:)

till next time!

Thanks for reading!


大阪(難波)のゲストハウス「ファントコ」┃Osaka (Namba)Guesthouse┃Funtoco Backpackers Namba